N-BIOTEK Inc., Korea

CO2 Incubator

Natural Air and Moisture Convection. Air and Moisture in chamber are distributed naturally by 6 side heating, air circulation fan.Rounded Conner allows easy cleaning. Entire chamber is made of stainless steel(SS 304)Buzzer to alarm low or high deviation of CO2, Temperature.Perforated Shelves are good for natural air flows and are made of stainless steel which are resistant against rust and contamination.Access Port (Optional) for additional device used in chamber.Over Heating Limit. Heating is automatically cut by safety device when temperature control failed or there is excessive heating over set point.

Refrigerated Incubator with Built-in Shaker

These incubators have a built-in shaker for suspension cell culture as well as selves for adherent cell culture. An optimized cooling function provides a wide rande of temperatures.