Gibertini Elettronica S.R. , Italy

Microbalances-Micro 1000

The Gibertini Micro1000 is an ideal Analytical Laboratory microbalance with a capacity of 1000mg, and a resolution of 1µg. The Micro1000 offers the fast response time of 6 seconds helping you process measurements in a timely and accurate manner.

The standard pan size is 20mm in diameter, but if you plan to use the micro1000 to measure filters a pan size of 60mm is available on request.

Features :
  • Motorized weighing chamber UP/down button to open and close
  • LCD display with small size digits, for easier and more immediate reading
  • Waterproof and acid resistant membrane keyboard. Easy to use with the ON/OFF, TARE and MODE keys
  • Indication of reached stable weight
  • Bar-graph indicator of dosage and remaining capacity of the microbalance
  • Parameters configurable by menu: reading in g (grams), lb (pound), oz (ounce), ct (carats), pcs (pieces), % (percentage)