Aurora Biomed Inc

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer- TRACE AI1200

Fast dry technology alongside an optional autosampler completely removing sample splatting, this system enables better detection whilst considerably shortening analysis time. Taking advantage of the multiple atomizer configuration allows for high-intensity analysis whilst providing the ultimate ease of use within multiple application sectors, such as environmental, agricultural, and clinical setting, as well as high throughput labs.

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer- TRACE AI1800

The TRACE 1800 has the most versatile autosampler and combined with the fast dry technology completely removes sample splatter, shortens the analysis time and gives rise to unparalleled detection

Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer

Atomic fluorescence spectrometer is capable of measuring samples containing both hydride-forming elements and Mercury at a parts per trillion (ppt) level using the unique vapour hydride generator. The high sensitivity and reliability of Aurora’s series of  Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometers is ideal for elemental analysis in a variety of research and industrial sectors.

Block Digestion System

Top-loading, closed vessel system with high-pressure capabilities to enhance the digestion quality while decreasing the overall sample preparation time. The 680 Block Digestion system is capable of simultaneously running up to 6 high-pressure closed vessels on a rotating carousel to ensure an even distribution of conditions, providing a fast and pre-programmed method of digestion for even the most difficult of samples.