Hoefer Inc., USA

Hoefer, specializes in developing and manufacturing tools and complimentary accessories for gel electrophoresis and blotting applications.

Vertical Electrophoresis Systems

Features and Benefits
  • Gels are fully submerged for greater temperature equilibration
  • Produces straight lanes and sharp, well-defined bands
  • Run up to four gels at one time under identical conditions
  • Accommodates denaturing and native PAGE gels for 2-D electrophoresis
  • Run gels at uniform temperature from 1 to 45˚C
  • The rugged injection molded construction is durable and assembles easily
  • Run two gels with the addition of a divider plate
  • Built-in casting stand seals leak free
  • Quick and easy to assemble, requires minimal buffer
  • Supports a wide variety of precast gels
  • Designed for use with a wide variety of precast gels

Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems

Features and Benefits
  • Compact and Easy to Use
  • Fast separations‒run a 7 x 10 cm gel in as little as 5 minutes
  • The clear molded base acts as a heat-sink—simply fill the base with coolant and seal
  • Cooling the unit prior to a run allows higher voltages to be applied without generating band distortions or damaging the gel and unit
  • High resolution separation of the fragments 100bp to 20 kbp
  • Three casting kits available‒enabling users to run 15 x 20, 15 x 15, or 15 x 10 cm gels in the same unit
  • Color-coded and height-adjustable combs
  • Compact tank
  • UV-transparent running tray
  • Side handles for safe, easy transport
  • Colored loading strips‒for easy well detection when loading

Power Supplies

Features and Benefits
  • Constant voltage or constant current mode with automatic crossover
  • The voltage accuracy is ±1%, and the current accuracy is ±2%
  • Four sets of 4 mm output jacks
  • Continuous runs or 999 minute timer
  • Automatic recovery after power failure
  • Open circuit detection
  • Short circuit protection