Questron Technologies Corp., Canada

Block Digestion System

QBlock Wireless- Block Digestion System

QBlock series provides wide selection to choose appropriate hot block to increase efficiency of digestion and through put. Teflon coated graphite block and enclosure provides ability to produce contamination free results

Features :
  • Wireless control of up to 8 QBlocks
  • Compatible with existing digestion blocks
  • Removes electronics from corrosive environment
  • Large color touch screen
  • Remote control up to 50 meters
  • Overheat prevention safety feature
  • Stores numerous recipes and heating profiles
  • Built-in NIST traceable calibration
  • PC connectivity for digestion data archiving
  • Increases laboratory safety
  • Saves valuable fume hood laboratory space

Microwave Digestion System Q-Wave

QWAVE 1000 Closed-vessel microwave decomposition offers the following benefi ts:

  • The environment in which the reaction takes place is clean, closed, and controlled
  • The amount of acid is diminished to stoichiometric quantities of the reagents, reducing contamination to a minimum
  • ppb, ppt level sensitivities
  • Shorter reaction time and improved digestion due to higher temperatures (far above the normal boiling point of the reagents)
  • No loss of volatile elements.
Features :
  • Time-to-Power and time to temparature control mode.
  • Easy operation using user-friendly control panel with tactile membrane switches
  • Best suited for proven digestion methods
  • Pressure monitoring for each vessel for safe operation
  • Stand alone operations
  • Selection of digestion vessels to cover wide spectrum of applications
  • Rotating antenna & carousel, and unique cavity design ensures uniform microwave distribution
  • 150 CFM exhaust for fumes removal and vessels cooling
  • Corrosion-proof PTFE-coated reinforced cavity
  • Ideal for digestion, extraction, evaporation and synthesis

Express Microwave Ashing System-QAsh1800

QAsh achieves fast ashing times by combining in-situ airflow with a microwave. It has a large floor area to accommodate a large number of samples and is suitable for polymers, oils, food, pulp, sludge, and many other sample types.

Features :
  • eduction in ashing times by up to 90%.
  • Produces consistent ashing.
  • Provides safe work environment.
  • Saves lab space with a small footprint.
  • Documentation of ashing processes.
  • A choice for crucible material.
  • 9 – 50 mL crucibles in one batch.
  • Attains 1,000°C in 25 minutes.
  • 1800 watts of microwave energy.
  • Temperature homogeneity; 1,000°C to 1,200°C.
  • Multistep heating of samples.
  • Convenient LED Bar temperature display.

Hot Block Automated Digestion System- Vulcan

The Vulcan Platform is fully modular Laboratory Automation Solution capable of up to 6 automated steps in nearly any lan sample Digestion process.

Features :
  • Freedom from manual acid handling and exposure to acid fumes
  • Substantial cost savings in sample analysis expenditure
  • Contamination free environment for trace level sample preparation
  • Overcomes inconsistencies and uncertainties introduced by repetitive and tedious process
  • Increase in laboratory throughput
  • Saves prime lab space with smart inbuilt fume hood
  • Documentation of sample preparation processes
  • Effective use of skilled manpower through unattended operations
  • Provides safe and healthy work environment
  • Processing of 84 samples in 50 ml vials
  • Automatic and precise addition of corrosive acids, reagents and internal standard
  • Multistep heating of hot blocks.
  • Makeup volume at the end of digestion
  • Stirring of sample during the process
  • Cooling digestion vials between reagent additions
  • Transferring and diluting samples to autosampler racks
  • Can handle two digestion recipes at same time

Automated Sample Digestion System- Nitron

Nitron does High-Temperature Automated Sample Digestion and Dispensing for laboratories. It is designed for routine and customizable methods that require heating up to 400°C. Hence it is ideal for automating applications involving acids like sulphuric and phosphoric acid. The six independent reagent lines reduce priming operations, thus increasing dispensing speed and minimizing cross contamination. Nitron has an all-plastic fume hood, thus providing a safe environment by reducing user contact with harmful acid fumes and hot samples.

Automated Dilution System – QPrep

The QPrep Automated Workstation provides an integrated solution for precise sample dilutions, transfers, dispensing and other liquid handling functions for the laboratory. The system is designed to handle precise reagent delivery for a large number of samples in multiple rack configurations. Automating the handling of expensive and hazardous chemicals helps to increase the profitability and safety of the laboratory.

Features :
  • Spikes sample with internal standards
  • Performs Multiple Dilutions
  • Prepares calibration and QC standards
  • Serial dilutions and aliquot transfers
  • Consistent and precise reagent addition
  • Adds reagents consistently