Herolab GmbH, Germany

High-Speed Table Top and Floor Standing Centrifuges

The Red Line range of centrifuges have sample volumes of 24 x 0,2 ml up to 6 x 1000 ml. The models are:Table Top models: HiCen T + TR (R for Refrigeration) and HiCen GT Models that fit under the bench (on rollers): HiCen F + FR Larger floor standing centrifuges with refrigeration: HiCen GR (on rollers), HiCen SR and HiCen XL. These centrifuges can be recognised by the red cover of the centrifuges as well the rotors which also have red covers.The table-top and floor standing centrifuges have an identical drive and mostly all of the rotors of the Red Line can fit in every centrifuge of the range.The models differ in the sizes of the chamber and the power of the machine. Therefore the maximum speed differs across the range.

Universal High-Speed Centrifuge

Maintenance free, brushless induction drive. Stainless steel chamber with additional inner guard ring. Overspeed detection, imbalance detection and cut-off. Motorized lid lock, automatic lid opening, emergency lid lock release

UV Transilluminators

Contrast reinforced by improved filter characteristicsHomogeneously illuminated filter glass surfaceNo additional filter needed at the camera lensImproved results with all fluorophores, e.g. SYBR™ stained or ethidium bromideIntensity switch 100 % - 75 % (not included on model UVT-14/22)Available as Advanced, Standard and Economy ClassRemovable adjustable UV protection shield (for Economy models available against at extra cost).

PCR WorkStation

PCR Workstation have compact front glass to protect the sample during work. Timer up to 120 min for longtime cleaning, chemical DNA cleaners not needed. Doors with safety switches to protect the user from UV radiation. one or two white light tubes for routine work.