Ultrapure Water System- Evo-RO Water Systems

They produce Types Ⅱ and Ⅲ, Ⅳ grade water, and the produced water can be utilized for formulating microbe culturing media, final rinsing of experimental equipment and materials, thermohygrostats, sterilizers, and as feeding water for ultra-pure water producing equipment. The 4.3"-wide graphic display enables identification of pure water quality, filter pack utilization condition, level of storage tank.

Ultrapure water System Ultrapure

They produce Type I grade water of which the quality satisfies relevant regulations, such as ASTM, ISO3696, CLSI, EP, and USP. The produced water can be utilized for precision analysis instruments, such as HPLC, AA, ICP, LC-MS, and ICP MS, as well as in the fields of electrochemistry, TOC analysis, molecular biology, and semiconductor engineering. By utilizing multiple (maximum 3 units) dispensers, final filters can be selected by application field to produce water free of particles, endotoxins (pyrogens), and heavy metals. In addition, it is possible to feed necessary quantity of water. The 4.3"-wide graphic display enables real-time identification of quality, TOC value, and PH of ultra-pure water, filter pack utilization condition, and level of storage tank.