Schuett-biotec GmbH, Germany

Automated colony counter- ColonyQuant

The schuett colonyQuant is comprised of a CCD-Firewire camera (colour) with autozoom and autofocus, a light-proof sample chamber and the software for automated colony counting. Software for selection according to colour, size and shape.light-proof sample chamber with CCD-Firewire-camera (colour). Image acquisition and simultaneous evalution within seconds. Tables and images may be stored digitally. Agar plates, nutrient disks, inhibition zone analysis, spiral plating.mixed cultures, up to 8 colours simultaneously per petri dish.

schuett count- Manual colony counter

Designed for reliable and efficient counting of bacterial colonies and bacteriophage plaques growing on nutrient agar or nutrient disks/filter disks in Petri dishes. three modes of illumination: from below, from the side and from the top (optional). Petri dishes or nutrient disks with Ø 90 mm, Ø 60 mm or Ø 150 mm (optional). High transparency of colonies reached by LED-light source - practically no heat transferred to the sample light intensity, pressure sensitivity for count and acoustical counting signal adjustable. Average determination. Data transfer via USB