N-BIOTEK Inc., Korea

CO2 Incubator

Natural Air and Moisture Convection. Air and Moisture in chamber are distributed naturally by 6 side heating, air circulation fan.Rounded Conner allows easy cleaning. Entire chamber is made of stainless steel(SS 304)Buzzer to alarm low or high deviation of CO2, Temperature.Perforated Shelves are good for natural air flows and are made of stainless steel which are resistant against rust and contamination.Access Port (Optional) for additional device used in chamber.Over Heating Limit. Heating is automatically cut by safety device when temperature control failed or there is excessive heating over set point.

Refrigerated Incubator with Built-in Shaker

These incubators have a built-in shaker for suspension cell culture as well as selves for adherent cell culture. An optimized cooling function provides a wide rande of temperatures.

Biosafety Cabinet

High Efficiency Glass Fiber HEPA Filter ( 30% Air Exhausted, 70% recirculated to chamber)Detachable Base Stand when using work bench on tableControllable Air Flow Speed

Drying Ovens

Drying Oven is mainly used for drying and sterilizing sample as well as experiencing is high experiment.

PCR WorkStation

Multi Functional Bio-work station with built-in centrifuge, shaking incubator. Stem Cell Isolation or Cell Handling is ideally conducted in clean environment

  • Shaking incubator is set to mix reagents during clinical experiments.
  • Temperature & RPM can be adjusted through the waterproof control panel.
  • Air circulation can be regulated to be strong or weak
  • The air convection is laminar-flow type(Air curtain) to cut it off from the external environment

Gas Blowing Concentrator

Gas Blowing Concentrator allows the experiments to get the required materials from the mixed samples having different boiling points. Efficient evaporation is done by simultaneous or separate delivery of non-reactive pressurized gas to sample.Nitrogen gas provides better concentration with out oxidation

CO2 Incubator with Built-in Roller or Shaker

Roller Apparatus pr Shaker is mountable on the bottom of chamber. All operation for built-in apparatures is controlled at external control Panel.

Features :
  • 6 Sides Direct Heating System: Electric Heating wire is covered on all sides of chamber which makes stable uniformity and provides fast heat-up & temperature recovery. 3 parts of heating section are controlled and calibrated individually by 3 temperature sensors.
  • Dry Wall and Air Jacket: Warm Air from heating wire is preserved in space between chamber and insulation. It helps temperature recovered faster and minimize heat loss. Dry wall with insulation is not required to regular maintenance.
  • DUAL BEAM IR CO2 Sensor: Fast & Precise Detection for CO2 gas regardless temperature and humidity
  • Natural Humidification using Water Tray: The heater on bottom side warm the water in tray and it makes humidification. Circulation fan deliver the moisture formed from the water in entire chamber.
  • No Condensation: Heating by front door heater & frame heater prevent condensation in chamber and on glass door.
  • Microprocessor PID Control: Intelligence Control for CO2 density, Temperature, Alarm, Automatic Decontamination (Optional) Roller Apparatus in CO2 incubator(NB-203QR) Standard - 4 Bottles (° 100mm - 120mm) Customization Contact N-BIOTEK sales team.
  • Built-in Shaker for mammalian cell culture with suspension: Mini Shaker(NB-1015) is placed on bottom of chamber. 100 - 1000ml flasks available. BLDC motor allows incubator no vibration, no particle occurrence, no noise which are ideal for dual cell culture adherent and suspension) in one incubator at one time.