Biosensing Instruments, USA

Surface Plasma Resonance

SPRm 200S

BI’s SPR system is module-based, designed specifically for user flexibility and versatility. Our interchangeable analysis modules allow users to easily switch among fluid injection, electrochemical, and gas phase detection applications. detection applications.

5 channel SPR with modular-BI-4500 Series

  • High throughput with 5 channels and fully automated sampling
  • High sensitivity to measure small molecules
  • Precise sample delivery with BI-DirectFlowTM technology
  • Innovative multi-module design for optimal flexibility
  • Cost effective solution

BI-2500 Series Benchtop SPR with analysis modules

The new BI-2500 benchtop SPR system offers 3-channel flow mode and delivers high quality binding response for low immobilization and small molecule (<100 Da) detection. Its innovative modular design provides users with optimal flexibility to choose amongst various analysis modules for life science, electrochemistry, and biosensing in liquid and gas phase SPR applications. In addition, its fast detection is ideal for the study of fast kinetics of redox-induced conformational changes in proteins and other biomolecules

Features :
  • Three-channel SPR detection module Provides greater flexibility and faster assay development, doubling the throughput over two-channel SPR systems
  • Innovative multi-module design Provides users with maximum flexibility to choose amongst various analysis modules for electrochemistry and chemical vapor applications
  • Wide dynamic range and high sensitivity High sensitivity (<10-4 degrees) for both large and small molecules (<100 Daltons) enables users to measure binding constants down to a few pM-1
  • Broad response time For slow (hours) and fast (< ms) kinetic processes

Cost effective System has been designed with affordability in mind, brings SPR technology to your lab on your budget and with your own assay development schedule.