Peak Instruments Inc. USA

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Steady, modern and elegant appearance design. Adopt the newest microcomputer technology and electronic control system. Optimized optical system and structure can both extend new functions and ensure the accuracy, stability and durability.

  • 7 inch color LCD screen and long life, more comfortable and sensitive silicone buttons. The instrument can show various scanning curves and charts for users to complete various tests without computers.
  • Support USB storage and different data formats such as Excel, txt and image(PC software). Users can output test data to flash memory, open and edit them on computers directly without any auxiliary software.
  • Advanced hardware and 32-bit Cortex_M3 processor with the clock speed 120MHz. The equipment can store 5000 pieces of data and 500 curves.
  • High-efficiency holographic grating of 1200 lines/mm and low stray light.
  • The equipment has long-life socket type tungsten-halogen and deuterium lamps which can work up to 2000 hours, can switch the lamps according to test needs and record its working time automatically. Socket type lamps make the replacement much easier.
  • Excellent silicon photodiode can guarantee the equipment is highly sensitive and stable
  • Huge sample chamber and various accessories can meet all kinds of needs.
  • Can be connected to printer directly and output test charts and data.
  • Powerful PC software.
  • Standard RS232, USB(A), USB(B) port for printer, data transfer and PC connection.

Touch Screen Spectrophotometer

Excellent optical system, high level mechanical system, advanced circuit control system, rigorous production process, friendly and intuitive software interface, good technical specifications, stable and reliable performance can meet the analysis requirements from high level and professional customers.

Main Features :
  • Appearance and internal structure
    Modern and elegant appearance, extendable design, separate structure design for optical and circuit system can efficiently avoid the loss of photometric energy.
  • Convenient and intuitive operation interface
    This series has 7-inch high resolution color capacitive touch screen and newly developed UV-SUPER2.0 software with strong functions, which make the operation simple and easy.
  • Excellent performance and stability
    Totally enclosed monochromator and optical mirror coated with SiO2 guarantee the optical components are not influenced by gas and environment.
Features :
  • Philips and Milas lamps
  • Newly improved screw pole drive structure makes good wavelength repeatability and high wavelength accuracy
  • Totally new design, superior materials and rigorous production process
  • Advanced photoelectric test system
  • 32 bit ARM11 microcontroller with clock speed up to 533MHz
  • 20 bit analog digital device specialized for photoelectric data collection and processing from BB company.
  • Support internal data storage(32M) and external USB storage.
  • Simple and convenient maintenance
  • Socket type lamps make the optical adjustment not necessary and maintenance much easier
  • Separated Optical and circuit system has no cross influence and make the instrument more reliable.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

The AAS is fully PC controlled with modern and compact design. They have flexible configuration and different accessories to meet variable requirements. Advance optical system can guarantee stable and reliable performance. Unique and intelligent gas control module can ensure the device safety. The AAS can test more than 70 elements including metallic and non-metallic elements, which can be used widely in petrochemistry, metallurgy, mining, geology, material analysis, food and pharmacy.

Main Features:
  1. Total reflection optical system can reduce energy loss to ensure better signal-to-noise ratio and lower detection limit.
  2. Standard deuterium lamp background correction for all models. Standard high-performance self-absorption background correction for double beam models, and optional for the models with 8-lamp turret.
  3. Automatic pneumatic control module ensures the device safety and accuracy and protects the operator and device better.
  4. Automatic vertical 4/8-lamp turret supports high-performance element lamp, can be rotated 360 degrees and make sure the test accuracy and reliability is not affected by the gravity.
  5. Automatic burner adjustment ensures the maximum sensitivity, you can raise or lower the burner according to the reading. Flame detection enhances the device safety.
  6. Modular design for optical system and circuit makes the maintenance and repair simple.
  7. Professional, automatic and easy to operate full operation RGWIN AAS software under MS window system and QA/QC function.
  8. Safety protection system: flame monitoring (acetylene will be turned off automatically if there is any abnormality and show warning information), unique acetylene protector (warning information will be shown if the leak acetylene concentration is beyond the alert concentration), pressure monitoring (the flame will not work if the air or acetylene pressure is not normal.