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Pharmaceutical/Chemistry related Instruments

From leading International manufacturers like Schuett, Plas labs, Jasco, Hahn Shin scientific, PG Instruments, Mediline, Pamas, Belimed, Gibertini, Questron, Kitagawa Americana, Teledyne, Sykam, PBI,Velp,Viscotech,Mirae,Atago,Konic,Texwipe etc.We are one of the leading manufacturers TOC Analysers,Amino acid analysers manufacturers

  • Total Organic Carbon Analysers(TOC) High performance liquid chromatography Instruments(HPLC)
  • Total organic carbon Fourier transform infrared spectrometer(FTIR)
  • TOC Analysers UV-Visible double beam Spectrophotometer
  • Total Organic Carbon Analysis Digital polarimeter/Refractometer
  • (TOC) Analysers Gas chromatographs/Head space samplers
  • TOC Spectroflurophotometer
  • Total Organic Carbon Analysers(TOC) Raman spectrometer-Portable
  • Total organic carbon Liquid born particulate counters
  • TOC Analysers Particle size analysers
  • (TOC) Analysers Ultra pure water purification systems
  • Total Organic Carbon Analysis Microscopes for Microbiology with analysis softwares
  • TOC analyzer Rotary evaporators with vacuum pumps & chillers
  • TC analyzer Micro balances -4 digits/5 digits6 digit/7 digits
  • total organic carbon analyzer Microbial air samples
  • analytical instruments Water activity meters(ERH meters)
  • TOC, TOC analyzer Laboratory Automatic Glassware washers
  • TOC monitor Total organic carbon analysers(TOC)
  • TOC total organic carbon Digital colony counter cum Antibiotic zone readers
  • total organic carbon Glove boxes/Isolators
  • carbon analyzer Atomic Absorption spectrophotometers-Both flame & furnace
  • TOC analyzer High speed Extreme liquid chromatography(XLC)
  • Total organic carbonGastec tubes for atmospheric gas analysis
  • TOC AnalyzersCleaning validation swabs
  • Total Organic Carbon AnalysisMicrowave digestion system/Ashing system/Hot Block/Automated hot block digestion
  • (TOC) AnalyzerKjeldal nitrogen analysers
  • Total Organic Carbon Analyzer(TOC)BOD/COD Incubators
  • TOC analyzerX-Ray Difractometer(XRD)
  • Amino acid analysers manufacturersAmino acid analysers
  • total organic carbon analyzerIon chromatography system
  • analytical instrumentsCentrifugal fraction collector & concentration system for SFC
  • TOC, TOC analyzerReal vial shaker/Microplate shaker/test tube shaker
  • TOC monitorAutomatic Carl fisher titrators/Automatic burettes
  • TOC total organic carbonViscometers
  • total organic carbonStability chambers
  • carbon analyzerSieve shakers/Test sieves
Glove Box Supplier

Glove Box Supplier

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 Total organic carbon

TOC Analysers

Total Organic Carbon Analysis

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