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Environmental testing Instruments

From leading manufacturers like Teledyne, PG instruments, Questron technologies, Plas-Labs, HTA, LCTECH, Velp Scientific, KONIK, Palas, Stony brook scientific, Kitagawa americana etc.

  • TC analyserAtomic absorption spectrophotometer(AAS)
  • Total organic carbon analyserTotal organic carbon analyzer(TOC)
  • Analytical instrumentsUV-Visible Spectrophotometer
  • TOC, TOC analyzerMicrowave digestion system/Ashing system/Hot Block/Automated hot block digestion
  • TOC, TOC analyserIsolators, Germicidal work stations
  • TOC monitorGas chromatographs with different detectos
  • TOC total organic carbonHead space samplers
  • total organic carbonGel permeation chromatography system(GPC) for pesticide residue analysis
  • carbon analyserMineralization system for heavy metals
  • Total organic carbonBOD/COD Dtermination
  • TOC AnalysersRefrigerated thermostats/Flocculators
  • Total Organic Carbon AnalysisSound levelmeters/Temperature indicators
  • (TOC) Analyser Dust feeder,Aerosol generator
  • Total Organic Carbon Analyser(TOC)Disposable viscometers
  • Total organic carbon analyzer (TOC)Gas chromatograph mass spectrometer
  • Organic Carbon Analyser(TOC)Gas detector tubes
  • Total organic carbonAutomatic Titrators/pH meters/Conductivity meters
  • High throughput sample preparation system for GPC, SPE and Evaporation
  • Auto Titrators
  • Immuno affinity columns for Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2, M1, and Ochratoxins
  • Photochemical Reactor/ Derivatization system for Aflatoxins
TOC Analysers

Total Organic Carbon Analysis

Total Organic Carbon

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